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Carbon Foot print reduction goal achieved by Falua Wines, part of J. Portugal Ramos Group.

Falua Wines, part of the João Portugal Ramos Wine Group, are delighted to announce they have achieved their 2014 goal to reduce the company’s Carbon Footprint. The Falua Solar Plant Project, which was set up two years ago, identified that solar energy would be the ideal sustainable source due to the exceptional conditions the Portugal climate has to offer.

The huge environmental project involved investing £150,000 and the final phase is well underway. This involves assembling a photovoltaic plant that will be made up of 500 photovoltaic panels meaning that once the solar energy project is complete, Falua will save at least 25% of the total electricity spent on the wine cellar every year.

Roque Cunha Ferreira, Export Manager at JP Ramos Wines Group, commented “At Falua Wines, as with all of course companies within JPortugal Ramos, we aim to be as environmentally aware and contemporary as possible through the implementation of new and efficient technologies, which will ultimately lead to quicker and superior productivity whilst reducing net energy usage.”

He continues; “Sustainability is deeply rooted in the community. We feel it is very important that all our staff are taught to be more energy efficient. From the workers to the owners, individual employees at Falua and JP Ramos Group are also encouraged to embrace these policies in their own homes.”

In terms of environmental achievements, this clean energy means Falua will produce 38,900 less tons of CO2 per year than in previous years, a staggering reduction and achievement for the company. In comparative terms, the CO2 emissions reduced by the installation of the 500 photovoltaic panels equate to the removal of at least 19 vehicles from the roads.

The huge reduction of electricity spent on the wine cellar means Falua will avoid the destruction of about nine hectares of forest per year and the amount of energy that will be saved is the equivalent needed to supply 50 houses per year.

One of the four companies within the Joao Portugal Ramos Group, Falua is led by a team supervised by João Portugal Ramos himself, and is a region in the Tejo with high potential, benefitting from excellent characteristics of climate and soil.  The JPortugal Ramos Wines Group has an environmental concern for all of its wineries, and has developed new strategies and methods that putt sustainability to the forefront of all winemaking activity.

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All information based on this figures - CO2 [g/kWh]: 222 (source EDP 2011); Car emissions g CO2/km: 140; average kms/year: 15000; Forest Hectares': 4,55t CO2/ha/year; average consumption per house [kWh/year): 3506 (source DGGE2010)

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